“How do I manage my liability as an executor?”
“How can I minimize the cost of settling an estate?”
“How can I best manage estate taxes?”
“How do I deal with difficult beneficiaries? ”
“Should I hire an attorney? If so, how do I select one?”
“What mistakes could end up costing beneficiaries money? ”
“How can I prepare for probate court? ”
“How can I make sure I'm being fair in the executor role?”
“What do I do with the deceased's online accounts? ”
“What's the best approach to cleaning out a home and selling unwanted belongings? ”

Have questions about your executor duties?

We can help answer your questions. See your specific duties and get expert advice on how to complete them.


Being an Executor is Difficult

The executor role can be very challenging. There are more than 100 executor duties to complete, and it can be difficult to know where to start. You'll have many questions, including ones you don't even know to ask yet. Beneficiaries can be difficult, and they often don't understand the requirements, challenges, and breadth of duties in the executor role. And, for most executors, you're performing the role while grieving yourself.

Executor.org Can Help

Executor.org offers executors critical guidance as they navigate this difficult process. We'd like to answer your questions, make you aware of additional questions you should be asking, and walk you through this 100+ step process. We offer valuable information, educational videos, and proven organizational tools to help you complete every step of your executor duties. We'll save you both time and money, and reduce your risk of making costly mistakes. We even offer a place to securely store important information. The cost of our service is reimbursable by the estate, and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee to put you at ease.
100+ Step Custom Plan
We’ll build a custom executor plan for you based on your specific situation. It will answer your questions by providing a detailed "how-to" guide to help you manage each of your 100+ duties. Our guidance will help save your time and better manage the process with family members.
Instructional Videos
You’ll find instructional videos by Patrick O'Brien, Executor.org co-founder, throughout your plan. For executors looking for additional insights on a particular step in the plan, these are a great resource.
Data Vault for Information Storage
We provide the ability to store all of your information in one secure location - which is a huge time saver. Things like a financial assets list and personal property list can help you get organized, streamlining the process.
Tracking Tools
You’ll be able to track your progress every step of the way, as your plan is an easy-to-manage checklist. This will allow you to keep track of what steps you have completed, and report progress to beneficiaries as you manage this lengthy process.
Long Term Access to Your Plan
Most estates take about a year to close. However, you will have as much time as you need to use Executor.org to manage your role as an executor.
State-Specific FIlling Documents
You’ll find general information, like what you’ll need to get a death certificate, as well as state-specific documents such as the Small Estate Affidavit and Affidavit of Heirship, which can simplify this process for many executors.